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Today’s super energy efficient homes and work places do an excellent job of saving money on the energy bill. However, energy efficiency brings its own challenges, including the quality of the air that is constantly re-circulated through your home or work place. Tightly sealed and well-insulated, homes and buildings are designed to keep indoor air from escaping and outdoor air from getting in. Very little fresh air is allowed in so you end up breathing the same air over and over. This air becomes stale and loaded with pollutants. The typical indoor air can be up to 20 times more polluted than the outdoor air!

Since most of us spend the majority of our time indoors, we want an environment that is both healthy and comfortable. Fortunately, there are a large variety of air quality solutions! From HEPA filters to Air Purifiers to Humidifiers to UV lights, Nail Heating and Air Conditioning has what you need to make your home or business the safest and cleanest it can be. Our Comfort Specialist can help design a system that is based on your needs.



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