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Air Conditioners

The outdoor unit of your system provides the cooling for your home.


Furnace / Air Handlers

The indoor unit of your system also plays an important role in keeping your home comfortable all year long.


Indoor Air Quality

Today’s super energy efficient homes and work places do an excellent job of saving money on the energy bill. However, energy efficiency brings its own challenges, including the quality of the air that is constantly re-circulated through your home or work place


System Controls

Today’s system controls are much more intelligent and sophisticated than the old on/off systems of the past. Temperature levels can be programmed to different settings for different times of the day or days of the week. Being able to change the indoor temperature.



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Nail Heating & Air Conditioning offers complete service for your home and business. Our service department consists of certified and skilled technicians qualified to repair and maintain your heating and air conditioning equipment and keep it running at peak efficiency.